Where did Adullam come from?
Adullam means “the refuge.”  In Biblical times, King David (2 Samuel) brought young men to the Cave of Adullam to prepare for battle over seemingly insurmountable odds. They became the best fighting force of all time. Today, the Adullam Teen Project is helping young men lay a solid foundation for their lives and become leaders in the community, husbands to their wives, and fathers to their children. They are becoming men who do what is right and not content with doing simply what is easy.

Mission Statement
A project working with the community and like-minded partners to plant safe houses for the teens (13-18 years old). Our goal is to provide an enjoyable environment for building relationships, while teaching them life skills, growing in character, improving academics and work ethic.

Vision Statement
To strategically plant safe houses in communities for the youth to grow spiritually, learn to honor their responsibility, gain self esteem and become generational leaders in society.